Wednesday, 26 May 2010

this dame is not the same

uppgift 13

this course has taught me all the necessities within the graphic frame. i have learned to think twice before publishing the final product. and now i feel confident in my abilities to deliver something that would hold up and that is understandable to the viewer.

smell you later

Monday, 17 May 2010

judgement day

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you can click here and you'll be forwarded to a form and the website's address.

html + xml = xhtml4EVAH

uppgift 11

During the class "Interactive Medias", we participated in group projects where we had to build a website. I was one of two in charge of the html coding. It was fairly easy, however at the end of the project, when we had to validate the code, we realized that some of the codes where in different versions of HTML.
Suffice to say, a whole lot of confusion preceded the rewriting that had to be done.
One part of the project, that we had seen in other websites were invisible buttons that would give information only when the mouse rolls over. This we chose to implement in our website. We liked it, however we got a few bad criticism during its presentation.

seminarium 4 - uppgift 10

For this term's fourth seminar, I choose to read Computer Confluence by George Beekman. Specifically, a chapter about the emergence of the Internet and the HTML language.
Since I had not been able to attend the seminar, I had to write an assignement compensating my absence. This included, I felt, in general most information that the class was going to be about.
In hindsight, it was very beneficial because I had to read different sources to complete the assignement. This overall knowledge will perhaps aid me in later classes here at Södertörn.

Monday, 19 April 2010

uppgift 9

now i've added to my bloglines account, that way i will never be late with assignements ever again! the joy!
now it's time to add my classmates' blogs as well.

see you laterz alligatorz!


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Welcome to loserville. Population: YOU! First time blogging through cellphone. Hope this works. C ya!

hitta shmitta

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finding your way through town is still confusing, even for natives sometimes. a great website that i use constantly for direction is i find it to be the simplest and easiest to understand of all others in the genre.
otherwise i just use my iphone's gps application. sometimes i just don't get how everyone doesn't have an iphone. BAFFLING!